Groningen: The world’s cycling city

Groningen is a city in northern Netherlands, very similar to North East Lincolnshire in many ways. A good example for us to aim for. (Article appeared in

In Groningen, the Netherlands’ sixth largest city, the main form of transport is the bicycle. The city is famous for having the highest percentage of bicycle usage in the world. How has Groningen done it? Cycling in Groningen, and indeed much of the Netherlands, is just the norm. The success in Groningen comes from a series of sound policies viewing cycling as an integral part of urban renewal, planning and transport strategy. By providing proper infrastructure and amenities cycling has blossomed over time and today the main 46 routes of the cycling network is used daily by 216,000 citizens. Prioritising cycle traffic over cars and promoting cycling as the main mode of transportation, city planners, local authorities and cycling advocates have played an important part in the city’s reputation as a great place to live.

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