Cycling for the rest of us

The home page of The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is very succinct and to the point:

“Cycling should be the simplest, easiest and most convenient way to get around in most places in the UK, and yet the reality is that it’s not – the roads are busy, and feel unsafe or unpleasant to ride on, and what cycle paths there are seem to take the long way round, or run out just when you need them most.

The Dutch and the Danes have demonstrated that it is easy to provide safe, attractive and efficient routes for cycling, away from fast traffic, which anybody and everybody – men and women, old and young, and rich and poor – want to use.

We at the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain want to see an end to cycling being pushed to the margins; we want to see a network of direct, well-designed, separated cycle routes that are safe even for young children to use.”

And the video that accompanies the above statement perfectly demonstrates the difference between cycling in the Netherlands and in the UK. The comparison is stark!

We completely support the CEoGB in making these points. Hopefully, as more and more people realise what we could have here in NE Lincs and call for it to happen, then the message will get through and we’ll see things improve.


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