Ultra shocking video about lorry blind spots

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TfL (Transport for London) have made a video showing just how blind lorry drivers are in some circumstances. This is great evidence for the argument that heavy-goods vehicles and bikes shouldn’t have to share the same road space.

I’d say more, but the video speaks for itself…


One Response to Ultra shocking video about lorry blind spots

  1. The problem with that is; The UK is not going to invest billions in creating new roads primarily for cyclists. They should, but they won’t. and being a cyclist and a driver myself I understand the problems with blindspots, however for less than £10 you can buy a sensor the fits to your wagon that tells you audibly if there is something in your blind spot. why don’t more courier companies fit these to their vehicles? surely a tenner is cheaper than a possible crash? anyway I digress Simple enough both drivers and cyclists are going to have to pay attention more and make sure they don’t get into trouble. For the drivers, even if only for their conscience they should take the maximum amout of care as cyclists rarely survive being run over.

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