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Welcome to Cycling Nelly, the blog all about the cycling world of NE LI-ncolnshire! Ours could be a great place for everyday cycling. It’s a pretty flat area and although we already have a decent amount of cycling infrastructure compared to many  other places in the UK, it could be much better. Our geography is actually very Dutch (OK, not as many canals but we do have Buck Beck, the Freshney and the Humber!), so maybe we should be looking to those world leaders in cycling, the Dutch, as a goal to attain for our own area? Without a doubt we should!

The purpose of this site is to recognise and appreciate what we do have, but also to point in the direction of what we could have here in NE Lincs. The potential is so much greater than many of us realise! Cycling, and the opportunities it brings to improve health and well-being, to make our streets more people-friendly and even to beautify the environment in which we live, has vast potential!

This site is all about the cycling, and those who cycle, in NE Lincs. It’s about us all contributing our own experiences and comments and style to the cycling world of our area, as well as providing a place for information and resources about all things cycling, such as the Cycle Hub at Grimsby train station and the various organised rides and challenges.

It’s also about the multiple benefits of cycling for our health and well-being and the environment in which we live. And about the style and fashions and the thoughts and suggestions of those of us who cycle here.

It’s also about linking to what’s going on in other parts of the world, but especially The Netherlands, so there’s articles, news and  links to other popular cycling blogs and sites that you will hopefully find interesting and inspiring as to what is achievable!

So, if you cycle in NE Lincs, get involved, this site is for you:

  • If you come across problems or issues as you cycle, send a photo of the problem and describe it, but also please include a suggested solution as to how to improve or resolve it. We want this site to be a place where we can all share our cycling thoughts and experiences but let’s turn every problem into a positive with those suggestions for improvements as well.
  • Send your cycling photo’s or video’s, your style statements, with as much or as little information as you wish, and we’ll include it on the Cycle Chic page.
  • If you have an accident or a near-miss, then tell us about it and we can feature it in order to raise awareness and hopefully get improvements made.
  • Send your cycling story, for instance how long you’ve been cycling, perhaps if you’re a new cyclist what encouraged you to get on your bike, what you like about it and the benefits you enjoy, and perhaps what you don’t like about it.
  • Send photo’s and a description of a ride you’ve been on, where you went and where you stopped for a bite or a drink etc.

Send your contributions in by email to: cyclingnelly@yahoo.co.uk

All the posts have a Comments section at the bottom of the the page. Please make your respective comments there. Also, should you want to enlarge the photo’s, just click them on!

Thanks 🙂


2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Great to see your campaign and wish you the best of luck. When I was a boy I used to cycle from Healing to my Saturday job on Grimsby Road via the A180 or to friends in Keelby via the A18 so I must have been a braver cyclist then!

    I remember sadly the death of my Headmaster’s young son, killed while cycling from Stallingborough to Healing along Stallingborough Road. Cyclists then were forced to mix it with fast cars and heavy lorries despite the potential for Dutch style cycle paths.

    It seems to me that car dependency is robbing villages of local shops, pubs and services and risks hollowing the heart of the town so everyone feels the need to drive to the large sheds which have replaced bricks and mortar buildings around town.

    A culture which prioritises cycling as a means of transport would help the local economy in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, as a resort, would surely benefit from cycling for leisure.

    I wish you all the best.

    David Lincoln

    You might be interested in my campaign for Safe Routes to Schools here:
    Twitter: @TPC2S
    Email: TPC2S@hotmail.com

    • Andy King says:

      Thanks for your comments, David. I completely agree that car dependency has robbed our societies of many things. There is a better way forward and we must work towards that.

      Your cycling as a youth in this area sounds familiar! I too used to cycle with mates all over. We would often bike out to Somercotes, Mablethorpe and Louth, but mostly we’d head off through Waltham out to Binbrook to watch the Lightnings at the air base. I think we were just oblivious to the dangers on the roads and we just loved riding. That’s a joy that todays children in the UK need to rediscover, without putting themselves in danger.

      I love your campaign for safe routes to schools in Tufnell Green, this is a key part of building a bike culture. Wish you every success with it, and will look to feature it on this site.

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