Cycling NEL


There’s a new public group on Facebook for all interested in cycling in North East Lincolnshire (on the east coast of England, for all those who view this blog from abroad). Please feel free to get involved with it. The whole idea is simply to promote all forms of cycling and a cycling culture in the area.

Geographically it’s a perfect place for cycling, very ‘Dutchesque’, but it seems until there is a visible genuine demand for better facilities and infrastructure things will improve only at a snails pace, as those involved in advancing the cycling agenda on the local council feed on the crumbs that fall from the motor traffic table, so to speak.

As we see cycling taking a more prominent place in the nations transport agenda with the planned Crossrail for Cycling in London and various campaigns, notably Space4cycling, Stop Killing Cyclists, 20splenty, etc, it’s clearly time for cycling to have more of an impact locally here in NE Lincs.


The National Funeral protest in London

Yesterday was the National Funeral protest march for walkers & cyclists in Central London, organised by Stop Killing Cyclists. The video above is the ITN news report. You can find more information and the various speeches in the link below.

Nørrebrogade (Copenhagen Design 5)

This is the fifth in a series of ten videos from, looking at the most important design elements in Copenhagen’s impressive bicycle culture.

In Episode 05 we highlight what really is the greatest project of the past decade in Copenhagen. The retrofitting of the street Nørrebrogade.

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