The Green Wave (Copenhagen Design 2)

This is the second in a series of ten videos from, looking at the most important design elements in Copenhagen’s impressive bicycle culture.

Here we are with Episode 02 in our series about what design elements it takes to make Copenhagen a bicycle-friendly city.

Pedro Madruga, Environmental Engineer at Copenhagenize Design Co., talks about The Green Wave.

The Green Wave is coordinated traffic lights for cyclists. Ride 20 km/h and you won’t put a foot down on your journey into the city centre in the morning and home again in the afternoon.

On Nørrebrogade, the first street to feature the Green Wave, the number of cyclists increased by 15%. Traffic flow in the intense morning bicycle rush hour was improved, providing Citizen Cyclists with a smoother, more efficient journey.

Now, several major arteries leading to the city centre in Copenhagen feature the Green Wave for cyclists.

Think bicycle first and you’re on your way to a more bicycle-friendly city. The Green Wave is a key Design Element in the City of Copenhagen.

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