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There’s a new public group on Facebook for all interested in cycling in North East Lincolnshire (on the east coast of England, for all those who view this blog from abroad). Please feel free to get involved with it. The whole idea is simply to promote all forms of cycling and a cycling culture in the area.

Geographically it’s a perfect place for cycling, very ‘Dutchesque’, but it seems until there is a visible genuine demand for better facilities and infrastructure things will improve only at a snails pace, as those involved in advancing the cycling agenda on the local council feed on the crumbs that fall from the motor traffic table, so to speak.

As we see cycling taking a more prominent place in the nations transport agenda with the planned Crossrail for Cycling in London and various campaigns, notably Space4cycling, Stop Killing Cyclists, 20splenty, etc, it’s clearly time for cycling to have more of an impact locally here in NE Lincs.


Upcoming events in NE Lincolnshire

Get your free lights, free hi-viz and free bike check at one of these upcoming events around the area.


Commuting between Grimsby/Cleethorpes and Immingham

This is a prime route for people living in Grimsby/Cleethorpes who work in Immingham or the Humber bank factories (or for those who live in Immingham and work in Grimsby, of course). I, like those few others who currently cycle this route, use the sea wall, getting on to it at Moody Lane, and coming off it near the East Gate, on Laporte Road.

The sea wall is OK, at least there’s very little motor traffic there, but it’s bumpy, uncomfortable, unlit at night, involves cycling on rough gravel tracks, is exposed to the wind and weather coming off the sea and is not as direct as it could be. Over the last several years, it’s also been closed for long periods (several weeks at a time) when environmental work has been conducted along the coast or at the pumping stations.

A section of the sea wall, showing the rutted and broken surface.

A section of the sea wall, showing the rutted and broken surface.

The gravel track leading off the sea wall near the East Gate of Immingham Docks.

The gravel track coming off the sea wall near the East Gate of Immingham Docks.

There is an obvious improvement that could be made on this key route. Laporte Rd becomes Hobson Way at the roundabout with Kiln Lane, and this road continues towards Grimsby until it suddenly ends in a dead end!

Hobson Way, looking towards Grimsby

Hobson Way, looking towards Grimsby…..

Howerever, approximately 100m further on, this is where it suddenly ends!

However, a couple of hundred yards or so further on, this is where it suddenly ends!

...stopped in it's tracks...

…stopped in it’s tracks… a humble drainage ditch!

…by a humble drainage ditch!

However, just a couple of hundred yards or so further on again is Moody Lane, the section that passes Blue Star Fibres and feeds in to the Moody Lane/Woad lane junction at Novatis.

IMG_00000227The junction of Moody Lane with Woad Lane

The junction of Moody Lane with Woad Lane

If a cycle path was built linking Hobson Way with Moody Lane, there would be a direct cycle commute route from Grimsby to the main industrial areas of Immingham and the Humber bank factories. Obviously, this is where many people from the Grimsby area work, so by building this link path it would, for the first time, provide a dedicated cycling path from Grimsby to Immingham, and I’m certain it would enable and encourage many more cycling commuters to use it!

Problem: No dedicated cycling route from Grimsby to Immingham. The sea wall is inadequate in many respects (see above) and serves as a deterrent to many from cycling to work.

Solution: Build a smooth surfaced, lit cycle path link between Hobson Way and Moody Lane.

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